Bilodeau: “I come from a place of rugged mountains, imperial glaciers and tundra-covered permafrost. But Nunavut, our land, is only as rich as it is cold, and today most of it is melting.”

Sila play graphic

That’s Chantal Bilodeau, reading a passage from “Sila,” a play about the effects of climate change in the Arctic.

The characters in her play include polar bears, an Inuit goddess, scientists, and Coast Guard officers – all working together to save their land.

Bilodeau began this project after a visit to a glacier in the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

Bilodeau: “From the visitors center all the way to the glacier, there were signs that said, here’s where the glacier used to be a hundred years ago, 75 years ago, 50 years ago. It was very impactful not just to read that glacier has retreated so many feet, but to walk that distance.”

Chantal Bilodeau
Chantal Bilodeau

“Sila” is the first of eight plays Bilodeau is writing – one for each Arctic nation. Each play will explore a different aspect of climate change and focus on people who are working on solutions together.

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Bilodeau hopes that after watching “Sila” and the other plays, audience members will then take center stage in the real world drama of climate change.

Reporting credit: Analeah Rosen/ChavoBart Digital Media.

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