Concrete is the building material of choice for sidewalks, highways and bridges. But it’s great for building homes, too.

Vlatkovic: “I was born in former Yugoslavia and after the second World War, concrete was extensively used to rebuild my country.”

Concrete wall house drawing

That’s Dragana Vlatkovic, owner of an architectural firm in upstate New York. She prefers concrete over traditional building materials because it’s cheap and durable. But Vlatkovic likes concrete for another reason, too.

Vlatkovic: “It really works in a natural cycle and reduces the amount of energy needed to warm and cool the rooms.”

Dragana Vlatkovic
Dragana Vlatkovic

Concrete buildings absorb heat more quickly and hold it for longer than traditional homes. So a careful design and positioning that allows them to get more sun in the winter can help save on heating costs. In the summer, awnings can help keep the building cool.

Vlatkovic says concrete structures can appear sterile and unattractive, but a good design overcomes that.

Vlatkovic: “If it is used in a proper way, it will result in homes that look very traditional from the outside.”

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So Americans who want to reduce their energy expenses might want to consider a concrete home – which can be both beautiful and require less power to heat and cool.

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