Beer production takes a lot of water and energy, so the industry is often focused on saving these resources.

Deschutes Brewery pub

Dietrich: “Most breweries that I’ve come in contact with are just as passionate about this as we are.”

That’s Serena Dietrich, sustainability project manager at Deschutes Brewery – which was honored with a 2015 Oregon Sustainability Award for its strong commitment to the environment.

The brewery’s sustainability committee tries to reduce its impact at every step of the production process – from composting used grain, to using bottles made from recycled glass.

Deschutes has already made great strides in energy efficiency – even recycling the hot air discharged from its air compressors, and using it to heat cellars during the winter. And the brewery intends to go even further.

Serena Dietrich
Serena Dietrich

Dietrich: “We’re looking to reduce our energy consumption by 10 percent over the next five years and with our growth projection that’s a lofty goal, but we are working on doing process improvements all over at both our production facility and our pubs to help make that impact.”

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In the meantime, by purchasing renewable energy credits, Deschutes runs on 100 percent clean power, setting an example for fellow brewers and beer-lovers across the country.

Reporting credit: Leah Menzer/ChavoBart Digital Media.
Pub photo: Deschutes Brewery pub in Bend, Oregon (source: Deschutes Brewery website).

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