The U.S. wastes nearly 34 million tons of food each year, according to the EPA. And although restaurants and cafeterias know more about food preparation than most consumers, they throw out up to ten percent of what they buy before it ever reaches a customer’s plate.

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To help tackle this problem, the National Restaurant Association joined the Food Waste Reduction Alliance.

ABSHIRE: “By reducing the food waste that’s generated, restaurants can save on their food and operating costs. They can also participate in food donation programs, which help feed people in their communities, and they’re eligible for tax credits, and then finally they’re helping protect the environment.”

Laura Abshire
Laura Abshire

That’s Laura Abshire, director of sustainability for the Restaurant Association. She says while reducing food waste has a lot of benefits, many restaurant owners mistakenly believe that they are not legally allowed to donate prepared food. But not only are they allowed to do so, they’re also protected by the federal Good Samaritan Food Donation Act.

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So the Food Waste Reduction Alliance is educating restaurant owners how to reduce food waste, not only through donations, but also by better planning their food purchases. And as restaurants waste less, they save money, feed the hungry, and help the environment.

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