The scale of climate change can seem so overwhelming that some people conclude there is nothing an individual can do – so instead of taking action, they may face this problem with dread or indifference.

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Armstrong: “I’d rather spend my life waking up with optimism and hope.”

That’s Jim Armstrong. He created a website called Climate Changers to build a community for others with the same positive outlook. The site profiles people who are taking action to limit global warming.

Jim Armstrong
Jim Armstrong

Armstrong: “These actions can be big or small, there’s no shame, blame, guilt, or finger-pointing, there’s nobody casting judgement, there’s nothing exclusionary about these actions.”

People profiled on the website include a mother in Ecuador using an efficient brick stove; a computer programmer in India shopping at re-use stores, and a first grader who’s taking her lunch to school every day in a reusable sack.

Armstrong: “Climate Changers is all about showing one individual doing something positive about the climate change issue.”

Armstrong says that research has found that people are more likely to take action when they see another person making a difference. He hopes others will be inspired to take action too.

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