Imagine getting the world’s leading experts on climate change together for a conversation. With all of the best thinkers at the table, what ideas would emerge? What could you learn?

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That’s the concept of a new, and still-evolving website called “The Climate Web.” An extensive resource, it houses 11,000 documents, and provides links to more than 14,000 outside news stories, blogs, and websites about climate change.

Mark Trexler
Mark Trexler points to path through ‘infinity of information.’

Creators Mark Trexler and Laura Kosloff designed the site to help companies better assess and manage climate risks, but Trexler says they soon realized the site would be useful to educators, communicators … even individuals.

Trexler: “There’s just an infinity of information out there. There’s so much information out there, and in fact, so much good information, that we’re all just overwhelmed, and we tend to shut down and not even pay much attention to it.”

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So to overcome this challenge, Trexler says The Climate Web links related ideas together – helping people make connections and better understand the larger context of climate change.

In other words, The Climate Web is designed to do more than spit out the answer to a specific question. It’s like having your own panel of diverse experts who can all weigh in and provide the larger context.

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Image: Courtesy of The Climate Web.

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