New York City is charging ahead with plans for the largest fleet of electric vehicles in the nation.

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Mesa: “We’re adding 2,000 electric vehicles to New York City’s municipal sedan fleet by 2025.”

That’s Nilda Mesa, director of the Mayor’s Office of Sustainability. She says that today, city vehicles account for roughly 13 percent of local government emissions. The first to go electric will be non-emergency cars, a move that will cut city vehicle emissions by almost ten percent.

Nilda Mesa
NYC sustainability officer Nilda Mesa.

Mesa: “We’re working with the agencies to establish EV phase-in plans for coming years, and as technology evolves we’re going to be looking at medium and heavy duty fleet vehicles.”

To power incoming hybrid and electric models, the city will expand its network of charging stations, which now serve just 250 of the city’s overall fleet of 11,000 cars and trucks.

Mesa: “We’ve been able to incorporate that infrastructure pretty seamlessly into buildings and parking garages that the city owns. So we’re just looking at how we can expand it out from there.”

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Transitioning to electric vehicles is a key step in New York’s plan to cut its emissions 80 percent within 35 years.

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