Child hugging tree

This week, organizations around the world are honoring our planet and our trees in advance of the 46th celebration of Earth Day on April 22. To join in the conversation for “Earth Week,” we are celebrating the intimate connections between trees and climate change. Trees filter the air, trap atmospheric carbon, and help contribute to healthy, beautiful landscapes –from the city to the wilderness.

Trees are a part of daily life. From planting a single tree at home to understanding the science behind drought and tree health, the stories below, all of which aired previously on our radio show Climate Connections, show just how people are working with trees to combat climate change worldwide. Listen in to learn more!

Processing walnuts

Climate Solutions Falling from the Trees Is it nuts to talk about walnuts providing energy? California walnut farmer Russ Lester uses waste from walnut processing to provide biofuels to facilitate his process.

Paul Trianosky

Even a Single Tree Makes a Difference Think you can’t do anything to combat climate change? Plant a tree! Even one tree makes a big difference, as Paul Trianosky of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative knows well.

Aspen trees

Citizen Scientists Tracking Trees’ Adaptations Across the U.S., volunteers are hiking into the woods to observe trees. These citizen scientists monitor the trees throughout the year and share their observations with researchers.

Pine forest

Long-Term Drought Slows Tree Growth Drought slows tree growth – for years. Hear how scientists have discovered that even years after droughts, trees in the affected area grow more slowly, significantly limiting their carbon sequestration potential.

Christmas tree farm

Woe Christmas Tree Where does your Christmas Tree come from? North Carolina pine trees, a major source of Christmas trees and timber, are increasingly at risk from drought, insects, and other impacts of climate change.

Forest fire

Increasing Wildfire Risks in the Warming West Wildfires are burning bigger, faster, longer, and beyond the normal fire season. Global warming is increasing the risks.

White bark pine trees

The Beetle and the White Bark Pine
A warming climate means an increase in pesky critters that threaten our forests. Hear more about pests that are damaging trees across the Western US.

Home with shade tree

Shade Trees Help Save Energy Do you have a shade tree near your home? Have you ever wondered how much it might be saving you in energy costs?

Million trees banner

Million Trees Planted in the Big Apple More than a million trees have been planted in New York City through an innovative public-private partnership. They help clean the air and reduce climate change impacts in the city. Hear how similar efforts are taking place in other cities nationwide.

Tall cyprus tree

Big Trees at Most Risk from Warming Though it may seem that younger trees would be most impacted from global warming, it’s actually the largest trees that are most at risk.

Laura is an urban planner and current Masters of Environmental Management candidate at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, where she is studying challenges of urban resiliency and climate change adaptation and working as a communications assistant with Yale Climate Connections.