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Our planet’s invaluable but finite water resources are essential to life, and home to countless species. However, the quality and quantity of water essential to the planet’s growing population are threatened by climate change and other stresses.

For nearly two years, as part of our regular Climate Connections daily radio broadcasts, we’ve captured the ideas and initiatives of people about how climate change impacts water resources in their hometowns. Scientists, students, and individual and institutional water users worldwide are creating innovative solutions to our water challenges every day, and outlining them in their own words.

In recognition of March 22, World Water Day, listen to some of these first-hand stories from the Climate Connections archives detailing the intimate connection between climate, water, and our health and well-being.

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World’s Lakes are Warming Up
Hear more about why lakes are warming faster than air and ocean temperatures.

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Fish on the Move to Cooler Waters
As some fish species migrate north to escape warmer seas, how will this impact what is available at your local fish counter?

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Wind Power to Clean Water Wind turbines present exciting possibilities for helping power energy-hungry desalination plants.

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A Student’s Creative Solution for Stormwater A college student designs new technologies to capture, use, and release water from a storm or flood.

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Drought Increases Confusion Over Water Rights With dated water rights policies, the ongoing California drought complicates who gets water … and how much.

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Uncharted Waters: Planning for Future Fisheries Hear how a new report will help guide fisheries management decisionmaking  in a warming world.

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Water’s Flexible Future Hear why managing water resources security through infrastructure development requies a flexible approach that mimics natural systems.

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Climate Change and Water

This H2O Radio program reports weekly on water sustainability issues.

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A Groundwater ATM Jon Parker tells us all about how underground aquifers can bank rainwater in plentiful years, for use when rain is scarce.

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Reconnecting the Water Cycle As the Great Lakes region experiences more rainfall, locals like John Jackson are turning to green infrastructure to help capture and store the water. Listen for ideas of how you can do this in your hometown.

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