When Jonathan Scheffel thought about food waste, his wheels started turning . . . literally.

Now – rain or shine, sleet or snow – Scheffel rides his bike around Chicago, towing a trailer. He collects food waste from residential and commercial customers, and hauls it to a local compost farm. There, earthworms help turn it into a product that can be used to grow new food.

Called Healthy Soil Compost, his one-year-old business is thriving. Each month, Scheffel collects about three tons of waste – keeping it out of landfills, where it would’ve broken down and released methane, a powerful greenhouse gas.

SCHEFFEL: “As people started learning about it and becoming more aware of how important composting is, I just kept getting more and more sign-ups.”

So many, that Scheffel needs to add another cyclist.

SCHEFFEL: “It’s been a challenge finding a bicyclist that is I guess as crazy as I am to get out there in the blizzard.”

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Crazy, maybe . . . but responsible, too, because biking enables Scheffel to grow his business without any global-warming pollution. And since it inspires questions from curious bystanders, the bike also allows Scheffel to spread the word about food waste and how everyone can be part of the solution.

Reporting credit: ChavoBart Digital Media/Beth Kosson.
Photo credit: Video news story (screenshot), from “You&Me This Morning” (WCIU-TV in Chicago).

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