Turner: “We’re going to be affected most by the issue and I think it’s incredibly important for us as the youngest generation to make our voices heard. And to know that we can stand up and we can make a difference.”

Hallie Turner
Hallie Turner at the iMatter rally in Raleigh (credit: Kelly Turner).

That’s Hallie Turner, a climate activist from Raleigh, North Carolina. It may not sound like it, but Turner is only 13 years old. And she’s proving that young people can help lead the fight against climate change. Her interest began in fourth grade, when she read a children’s adaptation of Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth.” Newly motivated, Turner joined iMatter, an organization for children working on climate change.

Turner: “Being inspired by iMatter has really made me want to inspire other youths to make their voices heard, because we really can make a difference.”

As part of iMatter, Turner has organized a 300-person climate rally, given speeches, and petitioned North Carolina lawmakers to reduce CO2 emissions. And she says people are paying attention.

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Turner: “There’s definitely been so many positive reactions from friends or complete strangers at school that have seen something I did in the newspaper and then just come up to me in the hallway and I don’t know them at all and they’ll just say ‘that’s so cool what you’re doing. If there’s anything you need let me know.’”

She’s proving that anyone can help lead the fight against climate change.

Reporting credit: ChavoBart Digital Media/Justin Bull.
Photo: Hallie Turner (source: iMatter).

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