How do you engage an auditorium of teenagers on the topic of climate change?

During a school assembly, the Alliance for Climate Education mixes climate science with pop culture, humor, and social media to inform and empower high schoolers.

Assembly photo

To make the presentation interactive, students are asked trivia questions and invited to text a pledge to do one thing to protect the climate.

Qusba: “We try to really meet young people where they are, which is on social media and through text messaging. And so we build all of that into our assembly program, to make sure that we’re really speaking in a language young people are compelled by.”

That’s Leah Qusba, the group’s communication director. After the assembly, more than half the students are more motivated to take action, and she says many do through the Alliance’s online network, which provides resources to start or join projects that address climate change.

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The approach is working. More than 2,000 projects have been completed so far, including industrial composting, solar panel installations, and school-wide energy audits. By putting teens at the forefront, the Alliance for Climate Education has enlisted a powerful set of new voices for climate action.

Reporting credit: ChavoBart Digital Media/Justyna Bicz.
Photo: Alliance assembly photo (source: Alliance for Climate Education website).

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