Climate change is a serious threat to many of the earth’s fragile ecosystems. But in Park City, a ski town in northern Utah, rising temperatures threaten not only the environment but a way of life.

Abbott: “A city like Park City is hugely dependent on snow, and climate change is eroding our position as a snow sports community.”

That’s Matt Abbott, environmental project manager for Park City, where the city council has proposed an ambitious climate program. Its aim: to make Park City completely carbon neutral by 2032.

Abbott: “What it really asks us to do is to get our head around the fact that our economy is powered by carbon, and figuring out all the different ways we can use or utilize that energy better or get it from a different source.”

Among the proposals are the purchase of renewable energy credits, changes to the city’s planning and zoning rules, and even the creation of a public energy company to make clean energy more affordable to residents.

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These changes could be costly, and still might not be enough for the city to reach its goal. But the city council believes that these are important steps and the responsible way to respond to global climate change.

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