For one furniture designer, making a truly green product means more than just changing a few materials: it’s about design.

Graphic showing veneer cutting
Blade peels veneer off log with no waste.

Many companies claim their products are green, but industrial designer Peter Danko of York Pennsylvania has created a whole line of furniture based on principles of sustainability. For instance, his “ply-bent” chairs, constructed of molded plywood, use only one-ninth of the wood needed to make a traditional wooden chair.

Danko: “To make veneer, they take log, put it in a lathe, and as it turns, the veneer rolls off the log like a paper towel. So there’s no waste.”

Stewardship bench
Danko’s stewardship bench.

Danko says this process makes it possible to produce twice the amount of furniture with just half the number of trees. Meanwhile the wood itself comes from sustainably managed forests. He also incorporates recycled items like seatbelts and car tires into his designs. The result is furniture that is beautiful, sturdy, affordable, and green by design.

Danko: “I approach my work as an artist not as a designer. So my work makes a statement in addition to the aesthetics of the design.”

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In the process, Danko hopes not only to create a market for environmentally-friendly furniture, but also to take the art of furniture-making into the future.

Reporting credit: ChavoBart Digital Media/Peter Bresnan.
Photos source: Peter Danko website.

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