Dozier: “There’s an unfair narrative that only liberals seem to care about having clean air and clean water. I’d argue that we all do, but we have different ways of approaching the issue.”

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That’s James Dozier, executive director of the nonprofit Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions. He says conservatives tend to prefer free market rather than regulatory solutions, but they still believe energy and environmental issues are important.

Polling sponsored by Dozier’s group found that more than half of registered Republican voters favor the federal government’s taking steps to reduce emissions of climate-warming gases like carbon dioxide. And more than three-quarters of Republicans believe energy policy, specifically the exploration and development of both traditional and renewable energy sources, should be a high priority.

Dozier: “Regardless of how Republicans feel about the issue of climate change, they’re still more likely to support candidates that support clean energy plans that diversify our sources of energy, that include wind, solar, hydropower, nuclear.”

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So Dozier is optimistic that by focusing on common ground, we can find bipartisan solutions to the world’s most pressing environmental challenges.

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