Dozier: “Rank-and-file Republicans really want to see Republican solutions, conservative free market solutions, put forward … and a meaningful conversation on what’s going to fix the problem, rather than a continuation of the debate around the things that have divided us for so long.”

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That’s James Dozier, executive director of Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions, a nonprofit that tracks voter views on climate and energy.

His group is helping kick-start that conversation in New Hampshire and South Carolina by briefing the Republican presidential candidates about where voters stand on climate and energy issues.

Then they’re engaging volunteers to ask the candidates at their town halls and forums how they will protect our climate, energy, and economic security once elected. The responses, which are posted online, vary widely.

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Dozier: “But you’re starting to see Republicans be more comfortable and confident talking about things like clean energy, talking about ways that we can reduce carbon, talking about investing in research in new technologies so that cleaner technologies can compete in a free and fair market.”

Dozier hopes this engaging approach will provide an opportunity for GOP candidates to demonstrate leadership on climate and energy issues.

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