Anna Jane Joyner was raised in a conservative home with a well-known evangelical minister for a father. But her family never talked about environmental issues.

Anna Jane Joyner

JOYNER: “They were totally outside of my radar except to maybe lump environmentalists in with hippies and liberals and all the other people who were probably going to hell.”

But a semester abroad in New Zealand during college made her rethink her values.

JOYNER: “So I came home and I switched my major to environmental studies which caused a lot of havoc in my family.”

In fact, her dad stopped paying her tuition. So in an effort to bring him around, she wrote her thesis on biblical scriptures that address the moral reasons to care for the environment.

JOYNER: “And that very niche understanding of the world kind of launched me into a career that has primarily focused on bridging the world of faith and the world of caring for our earth and in particular fighting climate change.”

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She’s now a climate campaigner working to convince others that climate change is real and a moral cause. And while her father still does not agree with her on climate change, he has come to believe that caring for the earth is part of the Christian calling.

Editor’s Note: Ms. Joyner clarifies that while she was raised Evangelical, she now is a practicing Episcopalian.

Reporting credit: ChavoBart Digital Media.

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