Environmentalists are not the only ones paying attention to climate change – businesses are too.

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Cameron: “I think it’s a combination of seeing climate impact the bottom line. I think it’s peer pressure. I think it’s consumer demand. I think it’s investor demand. And I also think it’s the rise in government policy and regulation that’s driving all of this right now in a way that has not happened before.”

That’s Edward Cameron. He leads the work on climate change for the nonprofit group Business for Social Responsibility – BSR for short.

BSR surveyed about 200 of their members to learn how their companies approach sustainability. More than half said sustainability issues are now being integrated into core products and services, and more than 40 percent had a board committee dedicated to the issue.

BSR vice president Laura Gitman sees this as a step in the right direction.

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Gitman: “The fact that we’ve seen real thoughtful approaches to how sustainability is starting to impact business strategy and core business practices means that companies are now willing to take on the hard work of getting things done.”

Gitman says now that companies are beginning to set targets for things such as reducing emissions, the next step is to move from commitment to action.

Gitman: “Now we all have to work together to actually achieve it.”

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