Will the costs of limiting climate change harm or help the economy? One group analyzed research from around the world to assess if we can have prosperity and a healthy planet.

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Mountford: “The main finding is very clear. It’s come out that across all of this analysis – different countries – we can get growth and climate action together.”

That’s Helen Mountford, Program Director for “The New Climate Economy” – a project of the Global Commission on the Economy and Climate – a collaboration between researchers, nonprofits, and political and business leaders.

As part of the project, the commission developed ten recommendations for how to stimulate the economy while reducing emissions enough within the next 15 years to prevent catastrophic climate change.

The plan calls for investing at least a trillion dollars a year in renewable energy, putting a price on carbon, and phasing out fossil fuel subsidies.

Mountford: “The action plan emphasizes the importance of halting deforestation by 2030, and starting to restore some of the degraded lands worldwide.”

Other recommendations include investing in energy-efficient buildings, waste management systems, and public transportation to make cities more resilient.

They’re all strategies to achieve economic prosperity while protecting the climate.

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