This past June, Pope Francis published an encyclical calling for action on climate change – an issue he says has “grave implications.”

Pope Francis

Pope Francis argues that God, His creation, and humanity are interconnected, and emphasizes the moral and ethical dimensions of climate change. Dan Misleh, Executive Director of the Catholic Climate Covenant, says the Pope’s plea for action has not fallen on deaf ears.

Misleh: “Archbishop Cupich in Chicago announced that he’s going to work with the Environmental Protection Agency to measure the energy use of all 2,700 archdiocesan buildings. So that’s an enormous commitment and I think it demonstrates the willingness of bishops to not only hear the message of the Pope but to also act on it.”

But the Pope’s outreach is not limited to Catholics. When he addresses the U.S. Congress and U.N. General assembly this September, he’s expected to encourage the U.S. and the world to sign a global treaty during their upcoming climate change conference in Paris later this year.

Misleh: “His moral authority is pretty much unquestioned so I think he’s going to be calling the world and the negotiators in Paris to remember that these environmental questions are enormously important, and that they have moral consequences.”

Reporting credit: ChavoBart Digital Media/Aren Zolninger.
Photo: Pope Francis (source: Wikipedia).

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