When wide receiver Tim Dwight retired from pro-football in 2007, he wanted to find a new career that was just as exciting and challenging as football. After visiting Iraq on a USO trip, he came to believe that energy is the biggest game in the world … and solar power could be a game changer.

Tim Dwight

Dwight: “Solar energy is going to change the world. It’s going to change what we’ve built.”

Today, Dwight is the owner of a solar energy firm called Integrated Power Corporation, and he’s committed to growing the solar industry in his home state of Iowa.

While he admits there are some technological hurdles to increasing the market for solar – for example, the ability to better move electricity around the country based on supply and demand – Dwight believes the energy infrastructure will improve as renewables become more competitive.

Iowa is already a national leader in the production of wind power, and the solar industry in the state is poised for growth. As an increasing number of farmers install solar arrays, Dwight hopes his alma mater will get on board, too. He envisions that one day, solar panels at the University of Iowa will help power the iconic Kinnick stadium, where he was twice named an All American.

Reporting credits: Nick Fetty, Climate Narrative Project, University of Iowa-Iowa City, IA and ChavoBart Digital Media.
Photo: Retired NFL wide-receiver Tim Dwight.

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