Yale Climate Connections has a new home. Or, more precisely, a new website.

And you’re among the first visitors. So welcome, learn … and enjoy.

The origin of the new site dates back to mid-2014 when we launched a daily, 90-second public radio program called “Climate Connections,” now heard on more than 180 stations nationwide and available for listening at our website, through iTunes, and through other media.  We also continue our original climate change news articles and analyses, along with our “This Is Not Cool” original video series.

All of our content from the past eight years is available on the new website and we hope that this rich archive will remain a useful resource … and one now more easily searched and browsed.

But to move briefly from a “new home” to a “new car” metaphor, we are still kicking the tires to make sure the new site meets your needs in a time of rapid change for both the world’s climate and climate news and information. We invite and encourage you to kick the tires too, and from both your desktop and your mobile devices. If you have suggestions for further improvements, please let us know via a message to the editor.

As for that “new home,” while the website has changed and is now mobile-friendly, our physical home has not: We’re still a project of the Yale Center for Environmental Communication, at the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, Yale University.

A new day, and a new site. But the same critically important climate change challenges, opportunities, and solutions. Thanks for visiting, and please come back soon and often.

Anthony Leiserowitz, Ph.D., Publisher, and Bud Ward, Editor