You’ve heard of the NFL … the NBA … the MLB … and even the NHL … but what about the GSA?

The GSA, or Green Sports Alliance, is a nonprofit that helps athletic teams and stadiums protect and improve the environment. Their goal is to conserve energy, cut costs, and strengthen ties to the community.


For example, the Staples Center in Los Angeles upgraded to LED lighting. Lincoln Financial Field in Philly is now powered by solar and wind energy. Major League Baseball sponsored the largest recycling event in the history of New York City. And the NFL’s Atlanta Falcons are installing electric vehicle charging stations at their stadium.

With more than 260 members, the GSA is a game-changer – and not just because of its direct actions.

Reiche: “Many people admire professional sports clubs, and if they take action, they might influence others to take action, too.”

That’s Danyel Reiche of American University of Beirut – an expert on the politics of sports. He says because athletes can reach beyond political and religious lines, they can help inspire action among fans, local companies, and even politicians. And that’s a win for everyone.

Reporting credits: ChavoBart Digital Media.
Photo source: Green Sports Alliance.

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