When it comes to fighting global warming, your fork may be your greatest weapon. Just ask Maisie Ganzler of Bon Appetit, a food management company serving schools, museums, and corporations.

Ganzler: “We had been looking at things like local purchasing, and came across a study that says that the food system is responsible for one third of global greenhouse gas emissions. And that was pretty shocking to us.”

In response, the company launched a program called the Low Carbon Diet. It includes using seasonal and regional ingredients, skipping processed and packaged foods, and serving less beef and cheese since cows emit methane – a potent greenhouse gas.

It’s the same gas released by leftovers when they rot in a landfill, so Bon Appetit also cut food waste by one third.

Ganzler: “When you throw food away, you’re throwing away all of the energy that went into planting, growing, harvesting, transporting, refrigerating, cooking, that food.”

After starting their low carbon diet, Bon Appetit had lost five million pounds! – of carbon dioxide emissions each month.

It’s food for thought, because anyone can go on a low carbon diet at home.

Reporting credit: ChavoBart Digital Media.
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