The Union of Concerned Scientists studied the impact of climate change on national landmarks. Researcher Adam Markham says Boston is one of the most vulnerable in the United States.

Markham: “The biggest threat to Boston right now is if a big storm, either a hurricane like Sandy or a nor’easter, comes at a high tide. And at that point the historic sea level rise, plus the high tides, plus the storms will inundate huge areas of coastal Boston and downtown historic Boston.”

But the city is not just waiting for the next storm…

Markham: “Boston has some of the most ambitious plans to prevent disasters from sea level rise and storms in the country. They’re looking at a lot of new things. They’re trying to find ways to divert water. To build sea walls when necessary or raise barriers to prevent sea level rise and flooding.”

Boston is also assessing the vulnerability of its historic sites, such as the site of the Boston Tea Party. A birthplace of the American Revolution, Boston is working to protect our national history from climate change.

Reporting credit: ChavoBart Digital Media.
Photo: Faneuille Hall, Boston (source: National Park Service).

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