SAN FRANCISCO, CA., DEC. 9, 2013 — There are an enormous number of posters down here in the bowels of Moscone South; I can barely see the far end of the room from where I’m at.

A few interesting things I’ve noticed so far:

The NSIDC (National Snow and Ice Data Center in Colorado) is now providing near-real-time information on Greenland ice. Their poster here has a graph of 2013’s melt compared to the very large melt of 2012, as does their site; their data comes from Xavier Fettweis at the University of Li├Ęge, and should be fun for data wonks to explore.

And who says models and reality don’t agree? The Marshall Space Flight Center has a poster here that shows, among other things, the frequency of extremely warm and extremely cold days at their site in Alabama — something you might want to know if you’re tasked with testing high-powered rockets which might, just say, have a few O-rings in them. The picture here shows the actual trends and, to their right, the projected trends. Impressive.

Topics: Climate Science