A concise NOAA climate.gov video highlights a Columbia, South Carolina, television meteorologist’s on-air presentations on climate change, using materials provided by NOAA and its agencies and by the nonprofit Climate Central.

The four-minute eighteen-second video highlights WLTX meteorologist Jim Gandy and his “Climate Matters” broadcast project. Gandy points out in the video that the public generally accepts ongoing changes in the weather, but he shines a light on “pretty significant changes over a 30-year period” in the climate. Among examples he points to in the video are the impacts of a warmer climate in increasing pollen production and in leading to “significant increases in the toxicity of poison ivy.”

Working with experts from George Mason University, NOAA, and Climate Central on the “Climate Matters” project, Gandy also had the benefit of strong support from his station’s news management for the science-based but clear-speaking approach he undertook.

“They can feel what’s going on. It’s right outside,” WLTX News Director Marybeth Jacoby says in the video about her station’s news audience. “Now we can help them understand it. That’s what we’re supposed to do, inform our community.”

YouTube video