Borrowing the approach of Twitter — and then one-upping it — a science museum writer devises five two-word soundbites to capture the heart, or perhaps guts, of the climate change issue.

A science writer with the Exploratorium science museum in San Francisco came away impressed with the climate change message he had heard from George Mason University communications professor Edward Maibach during the recent American Geophysical Union fall meeting.

Looking for a way to make key messages “even easier to memorize,” science writer Kevin Boyd called on his experiences writing museum exhibit labels, “a very short format indeed,” he acknowledged. He decided to boil down “the five most influential climate change messages” to two words each:

1. It’s real.
2. It’s us.
3. Scientists agree.
4. It’s bad.
5. There’s hope.

“Numbers four and five lose a little in the truncation, but now you can fit them all onto a postage stamp!,” Boyd says.

So there. Take that, Twitter.