“You don’t need a weather man to know which way the wind blows,” Bob Dylan taught us.

And those up and down much of the Atlantic Seaboard don’t need a thermometer to tell them how scorching hot much of July was. If misery loves company, they and others now can also turn to a new NOAA “State of the Climate” report telling them that the past decade has been the warmest on record worldwide. Reviewing a set of 10 key indicators, NOAA says they “all tell the same story: global warming is undeniable … the Earth is growing warmer and has been for more than three decades.”

The indicators pointing to a warmer world and increasing are the troposphere, air temperature near the surface; humidity ocean heat content; sea level; sea-surface temperature; temperature over oceans; and temperature over land.

Indicators showing a warmer world and decreasing are snow cover; glaciers; and sea-ice. NOAA says in its July report that the data reflect “an independently analyzed set of data” from numerous technologies such as weather stations, satellites, weather balloons, ships, and buoys.

Based on numerous lines of evidence, said NOAA Administrator Jane Lubchenco in a press release, the situation can be summed-up in just four words: “Our planet is warming.”

The annual State of the Climate reports are available online here, and monthly reports are available here.