In its “Planet Panel” feature on April 28, The Washington Post offered varying views on the fate of the climate bill held up in Congress – some hopeful, some negative and none very encouraging.

A separate Associated Press story on Saturday, May 1, by Matthew Daly and Noaki Schwartz, offered a particularly grim assessment of the climate bill’s chances if calls for new offshore drilling remain in the proposed legislation – particularly given the ongoing oil spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico from a deep-water British Petroleum drilling rig.

“Even conservationists who have waited a decade for the legislation are now saying it will fail if offshore drilling remains in the bill,” Daly and Schwartz wrote.

Richard Charter, energy adviser to Defenders of Wildlife, summed up the pessimism with this quote: “When you’re trying to resurrect a climate bill that’s face-down in the mud and you want to bring it back to life and get it breathing again, I don’t think you can have offshore drilling against the backdrop of what’s transpiring in the Louisiana wetlands. I think it’s flat-lined.”

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