The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has revamped its website focusing on climate science. The aim is to make the site a one-stop portal for the agency’s climate data, studies, articles and other information.

The site, at, features an online magazine called ClimateWatch, a “Data & Services” page with a look at the globe’s past climate, future forecasts, regional climate overviews, backgrounders relevant to businesses and community planning agencies, and a data library.

The site’s Understanding Climate page features the federal government’s series of climate assessment reports, video presentations, and a library of slide sets. An Education page offers numerous resources for teachers.

One feature is a Global Climate Dashboard that shows key indicators of climate change over time, including temperature, CO2 concentrations, sunlight intensity and sea level rise. NOAA’s Climate Services Portal is a work in progress, the site’s authors note.

“At this time, the NCS Portal prototype only scratches the surface of the many climate datasets, products, and services available across NOAA,” they write on the site. “This effort will gradually transition from a prototype to an operational status over the next year.”