A new mapping site powered by Google Maps and available through the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, UNFCCC, paints an interactive image of industrialized countries’ various greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and allows filtering by industrial categories and subcategories, and by specific pollutants.

The map and accompanying data provide greenhouse gas details and data for the “Annex I Parties,” such as information on anthropogenic GHG emissions/removals for the period from the base year to the latest year for which data are available. Users can get information on aggregate GHGs, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, sulphur hexafluoride, hydrofluorocarbons, and perflurocarbon.

With useful FAQs, glossaries, background documents, meeting and press credentialing information, and downloadable Excel charts and visuals a few clicks away, the site, available in English, French, and Spanish, provides for custom data queries targeted by country, pollutant, a descending “Countdown-to-Copenhagen” clock, and more.

Topics: Climate Science