The July 9, 2009, posting to The Yale Forum on Climate Change & The Media provides access to a number of authoritative PowerPoint and QuickTime video presentations delivered either in April in Chicago or in June in Portland, Oregon, as part of ongoing Yale Forum briefings for broadcast meteorologists and weathercasters.

The presentation by Benjamin D. Santer, of Lawrence Livermore Laboratory, is based on his presentation at the April 18 workshop for midwestern broadcast meteorologists at The Field Museum in Chicago, Il. That workshop was funded by The McCormick Foundation of Chicago.

The other presentations posted with this July 9 update reflect talks made June 21 in Portland, Oregon, at an American Meteorological Society “Short Course,” part of AMS’s annual broadcast meteorologists meeting (also Yale Forum related article). Funding for that workshop was provided by The Grantham Foundation for Protection of the Environment through its grant for Yale Forum activities, and through a grant from the Flora Family Foundation.

The presentations posted with this July 9 update:

Given the importance of broadcast meteorologists and weathercasters in informing the public on weather, science, and climate change information, The Yale Forum plans ongoing occasional uploads to its resource section for TV meteorologists and weathercasters.