“Saying something brilliant simply.”

The phrase comes from former WNET-TV/Nature documentary film producer and writer Gianna Savoie, now a freelance documentary producer.

It’s a rare gift to express complex scientific concepts in simple terms. Perhaps more than any other prominent climate blogger, the pseudonymous Tamino delves into many of the day’s common climate change sophisms – rather, make that plausible but fallacious arguments – and explains their flaws through clear language and well-designed graphs.

Tamino's Open Mind Blog

Tamino’s contributions to the climate blogging community has earned (her? him?) a guest column slot with the highly respected Realclimate.org.

Like many bloggers, Tamino cloaks her/his real identity, though it’s known that Tamino is a mathematician who works primarily with time series analysis. The Tamino “Open Mind” blog, addresses such issues as:

  • how scientists know that current atmospheric CO2 increases are man-made;
  • how natural variation affects the climate;
  • how scientists know that solar forcings are not driving current warming;
  • how fast CO2 is increasing in the earth’s atmosphere;
  • and other important climate topics.

Tamino’s posts often are comprehensive examinations of the subject at hand, often with original analysis of the raw data in question. Some may be a bit technical for those wanting for advanced mathematics or climate physics. (How many journalists might fall into that category?) And for those queasy over equations, Tamino’s may not be the most accessible blog to read.

But give it a try, as most of the posts are math-free.

Tamino’s Open Mind is one of the best researched and written climate science blogs available, a useful resource in finding analysis of breaking climate science news and thoughtful analyses of common misconceptions.

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